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Not all dental restorative products are created equal. Modern dentistry offers an enormous variety of options to choose from. The scale ranges from simply restoring the ability to chew to tech­nically complex solutions for the highest cosmetic demands.

Seek advice from your dentist and express your wishes and expectations. Our specialists are always at your disposal with advice and assistance. Together, we will find the right solution for you: for greater well-being and quality of life. An investment in yourself that will undoubtedly pay off.


“UniqueLine” – the solution for the highest aesthetic demands

Do you like to put a smile on your patients’ faces? Want to delight them with outstanding aesthetics, quality and functionality?


“UniqueLine” is the right choice for premium requirements. Innovation, technology and craftsmanship – we combine the best of these aspects for you.


  • An in-depth consultation
  • Professional photos
  • Individual fitting

We would be delighted to present our wide range of services to you in detail.


  • Ortho Easysplint
  • Study models
  • Expansion plates, bite plates, retention plates
  • Palate expanders, maxillary expanders, bite-jumping appliances
  • Fränkel and Herbst appliances
  • Retainers in all sizes

Solid ceramic

  • Layered veneers
  • IPS e.max CAD crowns
  • Inlays/overlays
  • Maryland bridges
  • Solid zirconia crowns/bridges
  • Layered zirconia crowns/bridges
  • Zirconia crowns/bridges on implants

Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PMF)

  • Conventional crowns/bridges
  • Crowns/bridges on implants
  • Gold crowns, gold inlays/overlays


Implantation with immediate loading and technician on site (all-on-4)

Dental splints

  • Drilling templates
  • Retention splints, medicated trays, night guards
  • NTI splints
  • Michigan splints
  • Bleaching splints incl. bleaching gel
  • Mouth guards for sports
  • Mandibular advancement devices for snoring


  • Total prostheses, immediate prostheses
  • Bar prostheses, telescopic prostheses, hybrid prostheses
  • Model-cast prostheses of all kinds
  • Temporary prostheses made of flexible nylon
  • Wrought-wire clasp prostheses
  • Repairs of any kind

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